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  • 1st Job Site Visit Form (Agreement) Electronic Version
    *Complete at the 1st Job-Site Visit (with you, the student, and the supervisor). Explain the program and answer questions during this visit as well. Be sure to get everyone's signature and provide a copy to each (it is a triplicate form).

  • Grading Scale & Tally sheet (part 2) Electronic Version​
    *Keep track of all the students points and hours on this sheet. Be sure you sign it and place it as the top page in the student's folder when you turn it in to the Work Experience Office.

  • Final Job-site Visit form (Evaluation/Grading)
    *Complete and sign by the Supervisor (top two sections) and the student (bottom section) during the 2nd Job-Site Visit.

  • Student Record
    *This is glued to the inside back of the student's folder. Please verify all the paperwork has appropriate signatures and is in the student folder before turning it in to the Work Experience Office.
  • Contact Record​
    *This is glued to the inside front of the student's folder. Please record all all contacts on this page... document everything!

  • Directions for each requirement and the deadlines for each requirement are listed here.

  • Learning Objetives Worksheet  

  • Timesheet

Work Experience Instructor Handbook

  • Faculty Handbookinstructorhandbook.pdf
    *This explains the program from a faculty and student perspective.

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