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Work Experience

COD Main Campus: Business Building, Room 1K
(760) 862-1344
Best time to catch someone in the office: Mon-Fri 8-1


The purpose of the Cooperative Work Experience Education program is to familiarize students to the "real world of work" and enable them to integrate their classroom learning to a real work environment. 
Getting Started
  1. Job/Internship needs to be lined up ahead of time.  
  2. Application to be turned in the first couple of days of the semester (For a complete application packet, go to the Business Bldg, Rm 1K (or complete the online application on the left​)
  3. Complete an Class Introduction (click link for options or watch the video below)​
  4. Setup 1st Counseling appointment & then your 1st Job-Site visit ASAP.

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