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Work Experience


Work Experience


COD Main Campus: Administration Building Room 5/6


(760) 862-1344
Work Experience Office e-mail: ​workexperience@collegeofthedesert.edu
Best time to catch someone in the office: Mon-Fri 8-1


Michelle Richards: mrichards@collegeofthedesert.edu
Sandi Lydeen: slydeen@collegeofthedesert.edu

The purpose of the Cooperative Work Experience Education program is to familiarize students to the "real world of work" and enable them to integrate their classroom learning to a real work environment.

Students may earn college units for their current job/internship/volunteer or student worker position.

The number of hours you work will determine how many units you qualify for each semester.

The class is based around three learning objectives that you will work on at your place of employment.

  • Increase your chances for promotion or raise

  • Get a head start in your field

  • Create a more powerful resume

  • Become more marketable

  • It's a Win-Win for both students and employers

Please read "What is Work Experience" for further details.

Must have job lined up and ready to start.

Getting Started

  1. Register, See Summer & Fall 2018 schedule of classes for a list of courses.

    If job is not related to your educational goal, enroll in "General Work Experience"
    Students will have to manually type in the number of units they qualify for.

  2. Complete Application - Submit immediately

    In Person: Admin Bldg Room 5/6
    Canvas:See Canvas course for further instructions
    Scan/Email: workexperience@collegeofthedesert.edu

    If needed a hard copy of the complete application packet may be picked up in Admin Bldg, Room 5/6.

  3. Complete Class Introduction

    Submit answers to Class Introduction questions on the last slide for grading.

  4. Print the following (hard copies available in the Work Experience Office) :

  5. Contact the Work Experience Office to find out who your Instructor will be 760.862.1344

  6. Setup 1st Coaching appointment

    With your Work Experience Instructor on campus

  7. Set up your Job-Site visit

    With your Work Experience Instructor and your supervisor at your job site

  8. See syllabus for requirements and due dates

Check out our online job-board at: www.CODjobHUB.com

Visit the COD Job Hub  

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