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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program exists to improve the communication skills of students at College of the Desert. Each course gives COD students the experience needed in applying communication theory in a variety of contexts. In each course, students learn how to think in a clear and logical manner, analyze information critically, and deliver those arguments both orally and in written form. There are eight different speech courses offered: COMM-001, COMM-005, COMM-009, COMM-013, COMM-017, COMM-021, COMM-025 and COMM-030.


Carl Christman
cchristman@collegeofthedesert.edu; 760-862-1370

Maria Elena Diaz
madiaz@collegeofthedesert.edu; 760-423-6643

Alex Jazan
ajazan@collegeofthedesert.edu; 760-568-3237

Ed Reed
ereed@collegeofthedesert.edu; 760-776-7321