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Our Goal

To provide our CODe students with enriching experiences that will enhance their technical knowledge and skill and to inspire students throughout the Coachella Valley toward careers in computer coding, cybersecurity, and/or STEM disciplines.

The amount of job growth in technology fields is currently triple that of the national average of all jobs fields. Colleges, therefore, need to provide students with the necessary training to give them the skills to fill these labor demands. However, research shows that the number of students in these courses is not increasing and, in some instances, declining. At CODe we provide a multi-level student and educator focused program whose aim is acquiring skills necessary in the tech industry. The program is based on a two-tier approach. First, was creating a local student club, CODe, for COD students. These students will have the opportunity to participate in activities led by faculty in different areas of interest relating to technology. In turn, these students will assist with summer immersion programs that are aimed at the local high school and middle school student population. Research has repeatedly shown that proper intervention is crucial at the middle school level followed with a structured support through high school all the way to college.

CODe Club Spring 2017

The club meets every other Friday of the semester to take part in instructor-guided activities relating to hardware and software, cybersecurity, white hat hacking, video game design, web design, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi projects. The club currently meets most Fridays from 1pm - 4 and all over again from 4pm - 7.

Members of CODe will take part in various competitions as observers and participants. Examples include CyberPatriot, Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC), and ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

If you are interested in joining the CODe club and you are a COD student, click on CODe Club Application button on the left side. If you are not a COD student, then you are probably looking for the information below.

CODe Summer Program 2017 (ALL FULL)

COD will sponsor four two-week summer immersion sessions aimed at local middle and high school students. Students who complete a session will be eligible to become part of the CODe club and participate in the CyberPatriot national competition and all other activities. We will be doing the same activities as for the CODe Club; hardware and software, cybersecurity, white hat hacking, video game design, web design, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi projects.

The first two sessions will take place between Monday, June 19th and Thursday, June 29th. They run Monday through Thursday, no meetings on Friday. One session will be conducted in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This pair of sessions will be held at the COD Palm Desert campus

The final two sessions will be held between Monday, July 31st and Thursday, August 10th, again, Monday through Thursday, no Fridays, one session in the morning and the other in the afternoon. These sessions will be offered at the COD Indio campus.

All these services will be offered free of cost. Yes, 100% free. No catch.

Use the Summer Program Application button in the navigation on left to apply for the CODe Summer Program. The button has been removed since both offerings are now full.