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Agriculture Student


The programs in Agriculture at College of the Desert are designed to serve both occupational and transfer students. Many courses primarily serve students who wish to enter an occupation after graduation. Courses are designed to provide practical experience, as well as academic background.

Students who wish to prepare for four-year colleges will find not only the necessary required transfer courses in English, science, mathematics, and related subjects available to them, but also departmental courses related to their majors. Students should see an advisor for additional information and program planning regarding their major. For more information please call 760.773.2571.


K. Leuschner - Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, Entomology; 760.776.7285

J. Place - Turfgrass Management, Environmental Horticulture, Plant Science, General Agriculture
jplace@collegeofthed​; 760.862.1335

E. Vaca - Turfgrass Management, Environmental Horticulture
evaca@collegeofthed​; 760.776.7384

Associate of Science Degree

Certificate of Achievement