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​Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 

The 3-unit Emergency Medical Responder course (EMT-080) is now a pre-requisite for the 6-unit Emergency Medical Technician course (EMT-084). Both daytime and evening EMR classes will be offered beginning Spring-2015. The Emergency Medical Responder class is designed to lay the foundation and lead to higher success rates for the traditional EMT class. Note: The Emergency Medical Responder class is listed as EMT-080 in the schedule and catalog.
The regular 6-unit EMT course (EMT-084) will be offered at College of the Desert in the Spring-2015 in 2 formats. The regular brick and mortar will meet 2 times a week and the hybrid format will meet 1 day a week with the majority of lecture being online. Refer to the COD catalog page 107 for additional information on the 6-unit EMT-084 Emergency Medical Technician Course. Registration for both classes will be through the normal COD enrollment process via webadvisor.
Effective Spring-2015, EMS information sessions will be conducted as part of the EMT-080 Emergency Medical Responder course.
All prospective EMS students must register PRIOR to the first class session. Attendance is mandatory on the first night of class. Students who do not attend the first class will be dropped from the program.
EMS Dress Code: Official dress attire is required for all EMS classes which include a blue EMS polo shirt and a black BDU type cargo pants. The blue EMS polo shirt is only available at the COD Bookstore. All other items are available at local uniform stores.
All other EMS questions should be directed to the EMS advisors listed below:
James Brakebill:   

Prospective EMS students may also contact the Public Safety Academy at (760) 674-3765

Important Note:  Students enrolling into the EMT-084: Please click on the below link to print out all of the documents.



If you have a conviction record containing anything other than minor traffic violations please see the following linked document for particular Penal Code sections that apply to health care occupations. You may be prevented from enrolling in the 6-unit EMT-084 course if you have any of the listed violations.




The EMT Refresher course (EMT-085) is for those students who have completed a recognized EMT program and are in the process of renewing their EMT certificate. This course is also for those students needing to review and update information to be qualified to take or retake the NREMT certifying exam as required by the State of California. The next EMT Refresher course will be offered in Spring-2015 on four consecutive Saturdays from February 7, 2015 through March 7, 2015 in PSA 15 from 8AM-5:15PM.
Registration for EMT Refresher course is through the College Admissions Office/Web Advisor.

EMT Advisors can be reached via email:

Julie Reyes:                                                       

James Brakebill:   ​​