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Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)

All prospective EMT students must register PRIOR to the first class session. Attendance is mandatory on the first night of class. Students who do not attend the first class will be dropped from the program.

EMT Dress Code:

Official dress attire is required for all EMT classes which include a blue EMT polo shirt and black or dark blue BDU type uniform pants. The blue EMT polo shirt is only available at the COD Bookstore. All other items are available at local uniform stores.

Other Questions

All other EMT questions should be directed to the EMS advisors listed below:

James Brakebill: jbrakebill@collegeofthedesert.edu

Prospective EMT students may also contact the Public Safety Academy at (760) 674-3765.

Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in the EMT Program offered at College of the Desert. We will be offering three classes which will be conducted in a hybrid format using Canvas and the Navigate2 Premiere Learning Management Systems. What that means is students will do the classroom part of the course online and will perform the hands-on skills lab in the classroom/lab one or two days a week. The Fall 2018 Semester begins August 27, 2018 and ends December 17, 2018.

Before students will be allowed to register for the EMT class they must attend an online live webinar EMT Orientation Session or the EMT Orientation Session in their EMT 080 class. Once students have attended the EMT Orientation Session they must submit an email to jbrakebill@collegeofthedesert.edu requesting permission to register for their desired EMT class.

In the email please include your full name, student ID number, the EMT class number you are requesting to enroll, and the date you attended the EMT Orientation Session.

Students will receive an email back from me stating they have permission to enroll in the EMT-084 course.

Students will be allowed to register for the EMT class once they have attended the EMT Orientation Session while they work on completing the pre-course task book.

To attend an online/webinar EMT Orientation Session enter https://www.join.me/ into your browser (works best with Google Chrome) and click “Join Meeting” and then when prompted enter the following code: Jim_Brakebill.

Students may have to download the free Join.Me app to be able to attend the online webinar.

Your computer must have sound and camera capabilities with a fast internet speed. Please remember students must attend an EMT Orientation Session before they will be allowed to register for the EMT Class.

Orientation Sessions

Below are the dates and times for the EMT 084 online/webinar Orientation Sessions:

Thursday August 16, 2018 - 7:00 pm
Thursday August 23, 2018 - 1:00 pm


James A. Brakebill
EMS Program Director


760-835-7165 or 760-346-8041 ext. 5542




The EMT Refresher course (EMT-085) is for those students who have completed a recognized EMT program and are in the process of renewing their EMT certificate. This course is also for those students needing to review and update information to be qualified to take or retake the NREMT certifying exam as required by the State of California. The next EMT Refresher course dates will be announced in the near future.

Registration for EMT Refresher course will be through the normal COD enrollment process via WebAdvisor if the course is offered.