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We are pleased that you are interested in the Registered Nursing Program at Desert Community College District. The program is approved by the California State Board of Nursing.

The information below contains the questions (and hopefully the answers) that prospective students most frequently ask.  We expect that you will take advantage of the information provided on these pages before calling with questions.  If you still have questions after reading through the materials below please feel free to contact either the COD General Counseling Office at (760) 773-2520 or the Health Sciences/Nursing Office at (760) 773-2578.  You can also attend one of the information sessions scheduled during the semester. For questions about financial aid, FAFSA, BOG waivers, etc., please check with the Financial Aid Office at (760) 773-2532.


Beginning again in 2015, the Application Periods for the RN Program are in March and September. The links to the packet including the application are only live during the Application Periods. The four prerequisite courses must be completed and grades reported on your official transcripts before applying. See Application Requirements and Eligibility Worksheets and review the other RN information links below for further details and instructions.  Currently there is no weekend or evening program.
Applicants are advised to not submit official transcripts unless you are submitting an application packet. When submitting transcripts with an application, make sure that ALL colleges attended other than COD are included. Missing transcripts will result in non-acceptance to the program, and if discovered after program entry could potentially delay or jeopardize your graduation. Official transcripts received separate from an application packet will not be retained by the division (they will be shredded). Please call if you have questions regarding this requirement.

LINK --> RN Application Packet:  Applications for Fall 2016 will be available as of March 1, 2016.  Deadline for submissions is March 21st.

  See bottom of page for scheduled information sessions.

  • Prospective students not already enrolled at College of the Desert DO NOT need to apply to the college until AFTER they have been accepted into a Nursing Program.
  • Prospective students are not required to have taken the TEAS test before submitting applications, but successful TEAS completion is necessary to enter the programHowever, it is in the students best interest to pass the TEAS on the first attempt and be able to submit results with the application in order to take advantage of the most possible points available in the Multi-Criteria process.            

To sign up for TEAS at the PaCE office go to:

International Students and Students with foreign transcripts
                   Foreign Transcript Evaluation
                   Additional Information
For LVN Transition to RN program or 30-Unit Option information, please see the Advanced Placement page noted in the column (above left).
All students attending COD will obtain a COD email address upon registering. We strongly advise activating this as soon as possible since this address will be used for all official notifications.  Once activated, there is also an option to have emails automatically forwarded to another email address for your convenience.


FALL RN Pinning Ceremony:  Thursday, December 17th

2:00 PM at the McCallum Theater

Fall 2015 Onboarding:

DRMC - Onboarding

Returning student/employees need not attend but must have a new Students Background Information Sheet (found in the DRMC packet under Hospital facility links) fax to 760-323-6772.  You must also ensure your health screening requirements are up to date, including your CPR card.  You MUST HAVE a new attestation form filled out by the RN program asst. EVERY semester.

New to DRMC students must complete the DRMC packet, if you do not have a Background check from Hireright then please notify Brian Pottle RN program asst.  Please insure your compliance folders are up to date.

JFK - Onboarding

Returning student/employees need not attend but must ensure their health screening requirements are up to date.  Including your CPR card.

New to JFK students if you do not have a Background check from Hireright then please notify Brian Pottle RN program asst.  Make sure you have a completed JFK packet for your onboarding date.  Please insure your compliance folders are up to date.

EMC - Onboarding

Returning student/employees need not attend but must ensure their health screening requirements are up to date.  Including your CPR card.

New to EMC students must complete the EMC student packet.  If you do not have a Background check from Hireright or My or applied for one, then please notify Brian Pottle RN program asst.  Please insure your compliance folders are up to date.

If you have not left the program your titers, drug screen, Hireright background check and Hep screens should all be good.

If you have further questions you may call Brian Pottle @ 760-773-2579.  8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri

RN students will be automatically registered for their Nursing courses.  Students will need to register for any other courses according to their assigned Priority Level.

5-1-2014: Changes in the RN Admission Criteria

Dues to a change in legislation and the Education Code, the admission criteria to the ADN program has been changed to a multi-criteria screening and ranking process.  This took effect with the class entering the program in the Fall of 2014

To see the new criteria and the point system, click on the following link:

Multi-criteria Selection Process

Be advised that beginning during the Spring 2015 application period, applications for the RN program will once again be  twice a year for acceptance into the program; March 1-21 for the fall semester and September 12-30 for the following spring semester.

Nursing Study Lounge:  Room N1, the nursing study room,  is now available for scheduling on Blackboard. If you have any questions, please contact the skills lab coordinator.

Want to know how COD Nursing students compare to other programs?  Check this link for pass rates of the California NCLEX exam:
Registration Change Notice
The following policy change became effective as of Fall 2011:
                All clinical sections for the RN program are assigned.
Remember - being on probation, owing money, or not being a student last semester are some examples of what could prevent you from registering.  Contact Counseling or Admissions if you need to check on outstanding issues that could be a barrier to getting the class you need.
Packet information and required forms for medical /security clearance at each facility can now be found under the Facilities Links page listed in the upper left column of this page. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semester students will need to contact facilities for their clinical section and provide necessary documentation  a minimum of two weeks before the first clinical meeting.  1st semester students have until the end of the third week of the new semester.  Students going to JFK for the first time must pay for background checks at the COD Bursar's Office at least a week before going to on-boarding.
Current Cost of Background Check: $38.00 (price subject to change).  Cost of health, drug, and immunization screenings may vary.
All nursing and allied health students participating in an acute care rotation will be medically screened, prior to the first day of clinical by the Employee Health Department of the assigned facility.  Screening may include a physical examination, TB testing, blood tests which show definitive immunity to communicable disease, and will include drug and alcohol screening. Students who do not clear the screening will be dropped from the program.
Current Semester Student ID Card Payment/Pickup Information:
Student ID Cards will be available at the ASCOD office at the beginning of each semester. Please note the ASCOD office staff will be strictly adhering to this schedule. Please contact the School of Health Sciences and Education office if you have questions.
Please check Blackboard and your instructor's web page for ongoing information and updates concerning class supplements, handouts, and announcements.
CURRENT RN HANDBOOK  Click link --> Academic Year 2015-16 Handbook
For N3 & 4 students looking for replacements to the old scrub style, Desert Arc is now located at 80353 Gunther St in Thousand Palms.
Click on this link to view the most current guidelines/directions for submitting a request form for reinstatement (aka 'continuation'/'reentry') to the RN program. USE ONLY THE MOST CURRENT FORM.
Available only during the last 3-4 weeks of the semesterLVN's who have successfully completed the Nursing 56 transition course will also use this form to request admission into the next level of the RN Program.
  • Reinstatement Request   
The form letter for reacceptance (aka 'continuation'/'reentry') in the RN Program is available during the last 3-4 weeks of each semester. See current form for current submission deadlines.  If above link is not active please continue to monitor this webpage. Forms are only available as noted above.


Group information sessions are offered periodically throughout the year which provide an overview of the nursing programs and a 'question and answer' time. Session availability is contingent upon nursing advisor availability.
Come and Find Out....
  • What prerequisite courses are needed
  • How to apply
  • Program particulars
  • Job particulars
  • Bring your questions!

Upcoming 2015-16 Nursing Info Sessions:

No appointment necessary.

Monday, October 12th – 4:00pm – 6:00pm – Rm 201, EVC/Indio
Wednesday, October 28th – 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Nursing Room 9, Palm Desert
Saturday, December 5th – 2:00pm – 4:00pm – Nursing Room 4, Palm Desert
Tuesday, January 12th – 11:00am – 1:00pm – Nursing Room 4, Palm Desert