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Health Sciences & Education

Health Sciences and Education includes Nursing, Kinesiology, Childhood Development & Education, and Athletics programs/courses. These educational pathways include both theoretical instruction on campus and clinical experience in local facilities.

Use links at left for more specific information about Nursing programs, the Health Sciences degree, CDE, and Kinesiology/Athletics.

Health Sciences does not offer medically related technician (surgical, dental*, X-ray, ultrasound, etc.) or therapist type courses. There is no longer a respiratory therapy program at COD.

Application Schedules: Applications are ONLY available during application periods.

  • RN program: Application periods occur twice a year: March 1-29 for Fall and September 15-30 for Spring semesters. See RN page for changes regarding the admissions process.

  • LVN program:June 1-21 for Fall semester.

  • Program Re-entry and Transfers: last 3 weeks of the semester, due by 5:00PM on the second day of Finals Week.

  • LVN to RN Transition program: See announcements on Advanced Placement page.

  • International RN's needing completion for California BRN:applications due by second week of May for Fall and first week of December for Spring. See form for specific dates.

  • CDE Mentors: accepted year round with committee review in January and April.

  • Prospective students not already enrolled at College of the Desert DO NOT need to apply to the college until AFTER they have been accepted into the Nursing Program. However, official transcripts must be submitted with the nursing application, which will also be used by the Admission and Records Office for the college application.

  • While Social Security Numbers are not required to take classes at COD, the facilities used by the Nursing Program for clinical instruction DO require them as part of their security clearance process. Social Security Numbers are also required for Board examinations at the completion of the various healthcare programs. If you do not have a Social Security Number please contact the HS/Education office for further instruction.

  • The McCarthy Child Development and Training center serves children 12 months to 5 years old. It is state funded providing care for school hours as well as breakfast, lunch, and/or snack depending on the hours of care. Parents must provide income eligibility and need of services. Please call 760-862-1308 for more information.

  • If any student feels they are being treated unfairly, there is a grievance procedure outlined in the college catalog. Specific complaints directed to Faculty, Staff, Director, or Dean will not be entertained if anonymous.

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry's dental hygiene

2-year training program in Palm Desert call 1-800-422-4LLU (1-800-422-4558) or (909) 558-4631 or locally at (760) 324-2091, or fax at (760) 324-9509. Visit for more information.

HS/Education at COD is not affiliated with this program.​​​