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CDE: Master Teacher Certificate of Achievement


Childhood Development &Education (CDE) is the study of child development and developmentally appropriate practices for young children. Students completing the Childhood Development & Education Master Teacher Certificate will be prepared for positions such as mentor teachers, curriculum specialists, and leaders in early care and education programs.


A Master Teacher certificate enables the holder to serve as a lead teacher in a Head Start or State Preschool Program. Master Teachers can supervise teachers, student teachers and interns.​

Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
ECE 1 Principles and Practices of Teaching 3
ECE 10 Child Growth & Development 3
ECE 12 Child, Family & Community 3
ECE 23 The Mentor Teacher/Adult Supervision 2
ECE 31 Child Abuse & Neglect 3
ECE 40 Introduction To Curriculum 3
ECE 44 Health, Safety & Nutrition 3
ECE 45 Teaching In A Diverse Society 3
ECE 46B Observation and Assessment 3
ECE 47A Practicum In Early Childhood Education 3
ENG 1A Composition 4
ECE Emphasis Courses - select one group from the following: 6
Infant/Toddler Education:
ECE 20 Infant/Toddler Growth & Development (3)  AND
ECE 21 Infant/Toddler Curriculum (3)
Or Early Childhood Special Education:
ECE 33 Inclusion of Children With Special Needs (3) AND
ECE 35 Curriculum & Strategies - Children W/ Special Needs (3)
Or Early Childhood Curriculum:
​ECE 30​ ​Creativity In Young Children AND​
​ECE 36​ ​Music for Young Children
Or Language Acquisition & Development (6 units from the following):
ECE 19 Children's Language & Literature (3)
ECE 27 English Language Learners In ECE (3)
Or Social Development:
​ECE 34​ ​Social Cognition & the Developing Brain ​AND
​ECE ​39​ ​ECE Global Diplomacy Practicum​
General Education Courses:  12 units from the following areas: Social Science, Humanities, Math or Science
  Required Core Subtotal 39
  General Education Subtotal 12
Note: State of California also requires 350 days of experience working in a child care program to apply for a Master Teacher Permit.