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​Child Development Training Consortium

Who We Are…

The Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) is a program funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division (CDE/CDD) with Federal Block Grant Child Care and Development Quality Improvement Funds. The program is administered through the Yosemite Community College District. https://www.childdevelopment.org/cs/cdtc/print/htdocs/about.htm

What Services We Provide…

The CDTC provides the following program services to eligible participants:

Community College Reimbursement Program – Reimbursement for specific educational expenses available through 96 participating community colleges.

Career Incentive Grants for:

  • Students attending non-CDTC community colleges
  • Students attending 4-year colleges or universities
  • Recipients of Permit Waivers issued by CDE/CDD

ECE Student Career and Education Program

Applications are available at https://www.childdevelopment.org/cs/cdtc/print/htdocs/services_cc.htm

Click on the Student Profile Application Tutorial link on the right side of that page.

CDTC Application instructions.
Make sure to print out and sign a copy of the application. Get it signed by your employer and then return to COD faculty Donna Greene.

Program eligibility:

Students must meet ALL of the following criteria to be eligible to participate in the CDTC ECE Student Career and Education Program:
  1. Student must be seeking a new or maintaining a currently held Child Development Permit.

  2. At the time of enrollment, the student must be employed by a child care/development program, including licensed family childcare and out-of-school care. Center-based programs must be licensed or eligible for an exemption according to Department of Social Services (DSS) regulations. Employment in a kindergarten classroom is also acceptable.

  3. Student employment must directly benefit children and/or families. The employment experience must be acceptable to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for purposes of obtaining a Child Development Permit, even if experience is not required for the permit.

  4. Student must work in the state of California.

Note: In-home care providers (nannies) are not eligible. Unlicensed, exempt, home-based child care providers (individuals) are not eligible.

Child Development Permits

The CDTC has two sources of funding, CDE/CDD and First 5 California, to pay application and fingerprint (LiveScan) processing fees for Child Development Permit applicants. Each funding source has different eligibility criteria and levels of permits funded.

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. Funding is limited.

Child Development Permit applications are available at: https://www.childdevelopment.org/cs/cdtc/print/htdocs/services_permit.htm or call (209) 572-6080

Who is eligible to receive reimbursement of college expenses?

To be eligible, you must be employed in California by an eligible child care / development program, and work directly with children and/or families, and be seeking a new or maintain a currently held Child Development Permit.

How are college expenses reimbursed?

  1. If you attend classes at a community college that is a member of the Consortium, you will receive reimbursement through your local campus. You must complete a Participant Profile form and submit it to the college CDTC Campus Coordinator.  There are currently 96 member community colleges throughout the state. You will be reimbursed according to the local campus reimbursement policies.

  2. If you attend a college that is not a member of the Consortium, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement through the Career Incentive Grant program.


The following publications are available at no cost on the CDTC website, www.childdevelopment.org
  • “Competencies for the Various Levels of the Child development Permits,” 1999 Revised Edition.

  • “A Guidebook for Professional Growth Planning and Documentation,” 2000

To obtain more information about Child Development Training Consortium activities,
call (209) 572-6080 (Hablamos Español)

Website: www.childdevelopment.org
1620 N. Carpenter Road, Suite C-16
Modesto, CA 95351