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Retail Management 

Retail Management program is approved by the Western Association of Food Chains, and persons completing these courses are eligible to receive both the COD Certificate of Achievement and the WAFC Retail Management Certificate.
The Retail Management Certificate is a specially recognized program designed to prepare individuals for the fast-paced retail industry. This program is also intended to help students develop an understanding of the retail manager’s job and the requirements for success in the retail environment. Retail Management is an expanding career path supported by industries such as electronics, clothing, food, entertainment, home furnishings, children’s supplies, publishing, cosmetics, educational materials, gift, athletic equipment, pet supplies, and just about every other imaginable consumer product and service.
This program, designed in collaboration with industry leaders, is intended to provide the student with many of the competencies required for success at the management level within the vast retail industry. This program encompasses business essentials such as accounting and marketing, and also emphasizes the “soft skills” of management and communication required for career success.
Advisor: Kelly Hall
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
BUMA 01 Priniciples of Management 3
BUMA 27 Marketing 3
BUMA 29 Retail Merchandise Management 3
BUMA 31 Business Calculations 3
or   *College Level Mathematics (4-5)
BUMA 32 Human Relations 3
BUMA 64 Human Resource Management 3
BUMA 94 Business Communications 3
or *ENG 1A Composition (4)
BUAC 50 Accounting/Business Environment 3
or *BUAC​ 20A​ Financial Accounting​ (4)
*CIS 10 Computer Literacy 4
*SP 04 Public Speaking 3
*will not only satisfy a requirement for the certificate but will also contribute towards the goal of a transfer AA degree, see Counselor or Advisor for more information.
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