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Political Science 

Political science is the study of politics, structure of governments at the national, state and local levels, policy-making and policy makers. Career paths chosen by undergraduate political science majors commonly include civil service, education, law (including paralegal studies). College teaching and diplomatic concerns generally require advanced degrees in the field.  Non-majors find that political science courses better enable them to think critically, communicate ideas and become more informed citizens.
College of the Desert’s political science offerings provide a general overview of the United States and California governmental operations. Specific courses are also offered in Comparative Governments and International Relations.  The College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Political Science as well as providing for the transfer to four year institutions. College of the Desert graduates generally pursue careers as civil servants. Transfer students frequently obtain advanced degrees after obtaining their baccalaureate degrees.
College of the Desert has transfer agreements with most the CSU and UC   systems involving all three Political Science courses. Most private and out-of-state schools also generally accept these courses in transfer. However, since transfer requirements at four-year colleges vary, students are strongly advised to consult with a counselor before planning transfer.
Advisor: C. Kroll
and Transfer Preparation
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
PS 1 Intro. to Government 3
PS 2 Intro. to Comparative Government 3
or PS 4 Intro. to International Relations (3)
  Social Science Courses (confer with advisor) 14-15
  Required Subtotal 20-21
  CSU General Education or IGETC Pattern 38-41
  Kinesiology (PE) Activities 2