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Natural Resources - Field Ranger 

Field Ranger Certificate is a short term certificate that provides a well-rounded introduction to the desert environment. This certificate can be easily completed over two semesters and will provide students with academic training and skills necessary for job advancement or employment at any of the natural resource-related agencies in and around the Coachella Valley.
This certificate is locally approved and is NOT notated on the student's academic transcript in accordance with State regulations. For more information please call (760) 773-2571.
Advisor: K. Leuschner; (760) 776-7285

for Employment Preparation
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
NR 1 Conservation of Natural Resources 3
NR 1L Conservation Natural Resources Lab 1
NR 17 Natural Resources Law Enforcement 3
NR 41A Native Plants - Mountain 1
or NR 41B Native Plants - Desert  (1)
NR 50 Winter Birds 1
or NR 51A Migrant Birds - Fall (1)
or NR​ 51B​ Migrant Birds - Spring (1)​
Required Subtotal 9
Electives - 8 units to be chosen from the following:
AGPS 32 Pesticide Laws & Regulations 2
G 5 Environmental Geology 4
G 10 The Earth Sciences 4
KINE 1 First Aid & Safety 3
NR​ 3​ ​Intro to Wildlife Management ​3
​NR ​4 ​Intro to Ecosystem Management ​3
​NR ​10 ​Wildland Fire Technology 3
NR 20 GPS and Map Use 1
NR 21 Introduction to GIS 3
NR 48A-C Seminar - Desert/Mountain Study 1-3
NR 95A-B NR Work Experience 1-2
 Elective Subtotal 8