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General Business

General Business is the study of basic principles, concepts and the language of organizations. The General Business AS Degree focuses on employment preparation. This program was not developed to be transferable to a four-year university. Changing academic goals will generally require additional courses, consult with a counselor for further information.

Career paths chosen by students pursuing the General Business AS Degree include not only entry level general business positions. The program provides the flexibility for students to pursue other more specialized interests in business. These would include areas like finance, human resources, hospitality, information technology and public administration. Even students who choose not to major in General Business find that coursework in the field can improve their ability to think critically, problem-solve, manage their lives, and understand the business issues that engage our world, our country, and our communities.

  David George
  Pamela Stegeman 
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
BUAC 10 Accounting With QuickBooks 3
BUAC 20A Financial Ac​​​counting 4
BUMA 1 Principles Of Management 3
BUMA 10 Introduction To Business 3
CIS 10 Computer Literacy 4
ECON 1 Principles Of Macroeconomics​ 3
ECON 2 Principles Of Microeconomics 3
or ECON 11 International Economic Relations (3)
Required Subtotal 25
Electives: Select 18 units from the following courses with consent of an advisor:
AGBU 59A Leadership 1
AGBU 59B Careers 1
BUFI 12 Money Management/Planning for the Future 3
BUFI 13 Investment Opportunities 3
BUHM 63 Hotel & Restaurant Operations 3
BUMA 27 Marketing 3
BUMA 29 Retail Merchandise Management 3
BUMA 31 Business Calculations 3
BUMA 32 Human Relations 3
BUMA 64 Human Resource Management 3
BUMA 94 Business Communications 3
Required Courses Subtotal 23
Recommended Electives 18
COD General Education Pattern 18
Kinesiology Activities 2