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Desert Ecologist

Desert Ecologist Certificate prepares students for jobs as docents, volunteers, or paid employees working with a variety of local, state, federal and tribal agencies. Students successfully completing this certificate may find entry-level positions in various natural resources specializations, such as:
  • Zookeeper or Museum worker

  • Ecological Consultant

  • State or National Park Ranger

  • Lab Technician

  • Ecosystem Manager

  • Environmental Educator

  • Ecotourism Industry

The Desert Ecologist Certificate is intended to prepare students to directly enter the conservation field in various capacities. Students who achieve this certificate will become familiar with a broad range of ecological topics that are applicable anywhere but are also pertinent to the local desert environment. There are no prerequisite skills or limitations on enrollment required for this certificate.


Kurt Leuschner
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
NR 001 Conservation Of Natural Resources 3
NR 001L Conservation Of Natural Resources  Lab 1
NR 003 Introduction To Wildlife Management (3)
or NR 004 Introduction to Ecosystem Management (3)
NR 020 GPS and Map Use 1
NR 021 Introduction to GIS 3
NR 041A Native Plants - Mountain 1
NR 041B Native Plants - Desert 1
NR 050 Winter Birds 1
NR 051A Migrant Birds - Fall 1
NR 051B Migrant Birds - Spring 1
NR 058 Reptiles Of The Coachella Valley 1
NR 095A Natural Resources Work Experience 1
Choose 3 units (cannot repeat courses from above) 3
AGPS 002 Entomology - General and Applied (4)
NR 003 Introduction To Wildlife Management (3)
NR 004 Introduction to Ecosystem Management (3)
NR 017 Natural Resources Law Enforcement (3)
NR 059 Careers In Natural Res & Agri Sciences (3)
NR 095C Natural Resources Work Experience (3)