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Computer Science 

The Associate in Science degree in Computer Science  prepares students for transfer to the four year college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree program. The program covers courses typically offered in freshman and sophomore years of an accredited computer science curriculum in the United States. Students are strongly recommended to keep themselves informed of the rules and requirements related to the major department at the transfer institution. Students are advised to use the counseling expertise available via the Counseling Center and faculty advisors to establish an individual educational plan (SEP) specific to their academic goals. 
Advisor: G. Hagopian
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Transfer Courses:
CS 7A Computer Science I 4
CS 7B Computer Science II 4
​CS 8​ Computer Architecture and Organization​ 4​
MATH 1A Calculus 4
MATH 1B Calculus 4
MATH 15 Discrete Mathematics for Computers 4
PH 3A Engineering Physics 4
PH 3B Engineering Physics 4
Electives - Select a minimum of two courses from the following:
CS 9 Data Structures and Algorithms 4
CH 1A General Chemistry 5
MATH 2A Multivariate Calculus 4
MATH 2B Linear Algebra 4
MATH 2C Ordinary Differential Equations 4
PH 3C Engineering Physics 4
PH 6A Electric Circuits For Engineering & Science 4
Required Courses 32
Electives 8-9
  COD General Education (confer with Counselor) 18
  Kinesiology Activities 2
Consult catalog of transfer institution for specific requirements.