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Administrative Office Assistant

This course of study prepares the student with basic competencies for an entry level office clerk whether or not the individual has previous office experience. Administrative Office Assistant Certificate of Achievement is designed to provide a foundation of introductory but essential office skills for individuals who are considering a career in office administration or for those who require computer, communication, and business orientation skills to increase employability in a variety of fields. Those who complete the Administrative Office Assistant Certificate may continue to the Administrative Office Professional Certificate.


Felix Marhuenda-Donate, fmarhuenda@collegeofthedesert.edu; 760-773-2523

​Pablo Romero, promero@collegeofthedesert.edu​; 760-776-7305


Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
CIS 5 Computer Survival Skills 2
CIS 6 Business Research 1
CIS 10 Computer Literacy 4
CIS 12 Professional Office Procedures 3
Accounting Electives - Select 1 course 3
BUAC 10 Accounting with QuickBooks (3)
BUAC 50 Accounting in the Business Environment (3)
BUAC 66 Fundamentals of Bookkeeping (3)
Computer Applications - Select 1 course   3-4
​CIS ​3 ​Introduction to Microsoft Word (1)
​CIS ​4 ​PowerPoint (1)
CIS 11 Current Topics/Technology (3)
CIS 17 Business Data Management With Microsoft Access (4)
CIS 20 Integrated Office Technology (4)
CIS 72D Excel (3)
CIS 82C Web Publishing I (3)
Business Electives - Select at least 2 units  2-3
BUMA 1 Principles of Management (3)
BUMA 28 Small Business: Development & Management (3)
​BUMA ​31 ​Business Calculations (3)
​BUMA ​32 ​Human Relations/Workplace (3)
​BUMA ​94 ​Business Communications (3)
​CIS ​95A ​CIS Work Experience (1-3)
​or BUAC ​95A ​​Accounting Work Experience (1-3)
or BUMA 95A Management Work Experience (1-3)
Required Courses 10
Accounting Electives​ ​3
Computer Applications Electives ​3-4
​Business Electives ​2-3

​​ ​