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Accounting is the study of analyzing, recording, summarizing, and reporting financial information to managers, owners, customers, investors, and other decision makers inside and outside a business organization. Career paths chosen by students pursuing undergraduate studies in accounting commonly include financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, governmental and not-for-profit accounting, and auditing. Careers in the discipline that generally require graduate-level degrees include forensic auditing, management consulting services and education. Even students who choose not to major in accounting find that coursework in the field can improve their ability to understand the role of accounting as a part of the overall business management team, as well as their ability to comprehend financial information as it pertains to their personal wealth management.
The accounting program at College of the Desert is designed to:
• Prepare non-transfer accounting students for entry-level positions in the field by completing the accounting certificates and/or Associates of Science degree in accounting.
• Prepare business majors for transfer to four-year institutions.
• Provide non-accounting students with sufficient knowledge and expertise to make intelligent use of accounting information.
COD’s accounting program is constantly updated to provide students with current accounting information. In addition, current textbooks are used in all of our classes as well as popular commercial accounting software programs in our accounting software classes.
Our core accounting courses (Financial Accounting 20A and Managerial Accounting 20B) are required for transfer to most California four-year universities. We regularly monitor the course content of these universities so that we continually meet the needs of the transfer students.
All of our instructors have accounting experience in addition to completing academic studies of accounting. We believe that our instructors do a better job of teaching when they have both academic and practical experience.
For more information please contact the School of Applied Science and Business Office, the Counseling Center or call (760) 776-7316.
Advisor: John Gerardi
Dept. No. Title Units
Required Courses:
BUAC 3 Government & Non-Profit Accounting 3
​BUAC ​4 ​Tax Accounting I - Individuals ​3
or BUAC ​5 ​Tax Accounting II (3)
BUAC 10 Accounting with Quickbooks 3
or BUAC 13 Payroll Accounting (3) 3
BUAC 20A Financial Accounting 4
BUAC 20B Managerial Accounting 4
CIS 10 Computer Literacy 4
CIS 72D Excel 3
Recommended Electives - Select 2 courses from the following:  
BUAC 4 Tax Accounting - Individuals 3
BUAC 5 Tax Accounting II
BUAC 8 Real Estate and Construction Accounting 3
BUAC 9 Hospitality Management Accounting 3
​BUAC 10​ Accounting with QuickBooks​ 3​
​BUAC ​13 Payroll Accounting​ 3​
​BUAC ​50 Accounting in the Business Environment​ 3​
​BUAC 51​ Survey of Accounting​ 3​
BUFI 12 Money Management & Planning for the Future 3
BUFI 13 Investment Opportunities 3
BUMA 1 Principles of Management 3
BUMA 10 Introduction to Business 3
BUMA 20A Business Law 3
​BUMA 31​ Business Calculations​ 3​
​BUMA ​32 Human Relations in the Workplace​ 3​
BUMA 94 Business Communications 3
Required Courses 24
  Elective Subtotal 6