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Students and Colleagues:

In an effort to allow students to complete their educational goals, College of the Desert opened up 9 late-start class sections this morning, February 22, 2012.  Based on information provided by Student Services, we have identified classes that students need who are currently one to two classes away from completing their degree, certificate, and/or transfer requirements.  These classes are listed below. We will be following our standard registration process. 
The College is very much aware of the State imposed budget challenges.  We feel that opening up approximately 230 seats for students who are so close to completion is the right action to take at this time.  We have selected these classes because they were identified to be critical to help our students complete their programs.   
Enjoy the remainder of the semester!
Farley Herzek, Vice President
Academic Affairs
College of the Desert
Spring 2012 Late Start Classes - 10 weeks
Course Section Course Name Start Date End Date Meeting Days Meeting Time Building Room Instructor
ENG-001A 6337 Composition 3/5/2012 5/18/2012 Online STAFF
G-001 3581 Physical Geology 3/9/2012 5/19/2012 FS 9:00am-2:10pm S 13 STAFF
MATH-010 6313 College Algebra 3/5/2012 5/18/2012 MWF 12:30pm-2:40pm PSA 13 Kalpakoff, S
SOC-004 3805 Critical Thinking 3/5/2012 5/18/2012 Online McKail, M
SP-004 1413 Public Speaking 3/5/2012 5/16/2012 MW 5:15pm-7:40pm LA 9A STAFF
PE-082 2481 Swimming 3/6/2012 5/17/2012 TR 7:50am-9:20am POOL POOL McElrath, T
HS-070 3153 Intro to Health Sci 3/26/2012 5/14/2012 M 3:15pm-5:30pm PSHS 705 Baluski, B
AGPS-005 147 Plant Science 3/6/2012 5/15/2012 T 12:30pm-5:40pm A 4 Short, R
AGPS-005L 143 Plant Science - lab 3/9/2012 5/18/2012 F 8:00am-1:10pm A 4 Short, R