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Student Wins Three Awards


Student radio station personality wins three awards from IBS.


Robin Cotton

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​Student Radio Station Personality Wins Three Awards from IBS

College of the Desert Radio & Television Writing (RTV) student and KCOD DJ, Mike Mozingo, entered the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems (IBS) Trophy Awards contest in December. Mozingo submitted a sample of his shows from KCOD, the student-operated radio station. Laurilie Jackson, RTV Instructor/KCOD Advisor, was informed in January 2013 that Mozingo was a top 5 finalist nationwide in 3 separate categories.   
Mozingo (pictured left) won 1st place for Most Innovative Show and was in the top 5 category (nationwide) for Best On-Air Personality and Best Specialty Music Show. He received 3 trophies at the conference. "Being nominated and winning the award for “Most Innovative Program,” was not only a surprise, but an honor. It’s definitely a special thing when someone recognizes you for doing something that you love,” said Mozingo. 
This is wonderful news considering students from colleges and universities around the country enter each year to win. Jackson stated, "I am so proud of Mike for his hard work and dedication to KCOD. He has a great attitude and I know he will go far in the radio industry.” Jackson was told there are hundreds who submit their work in these categories.
“KCOD has only been on the air for 2 years and I have seen great success and growth in the students and their ability to communicate on the air,” commented Jackson. “This is the first year KCOD students participated in the IBS awards process. They attended conferences in the past, but never submitted any of their shows for this contest. Mike is actually the only student who sent a sample in. I am hopeful we can participate
every year and win! We have so many enthusiastic, talented students who love having a voice on the radio and are really good."
Pictured right:  Mozingo with Laurilie Jackson, RTV Instructor/KCOD Advisor
The IBS Trophy Awards honor excellence in programming, on- air personalities, public service efforts, and outstanding stations. The 2013 winners were announced and trophies presented during the IBS Conference in New York City on March 1 - 3. The following people from COD attended the conference: Laurilie Jackson; Shauna Holmes, KCOD General Manager; Jim Eisenacher, KCOD Programming Director and Sports DJ, James Reed; and Mike Mozingo - KCOD DJ (award finalist). The COD representatives attended several panel discussions on how to effectively operate a radio station. It was a fabulous experience for the students.
Pictured below, left to right: IBS and Backbone Network representatives, KCOD staff James Reed, Mike Mozingo, Shauna Holmes, Laruilie Jackson and Jim Eisenacher. 

“When I was creating “The Alternative Stew Halloween Show,” which is what was ultimately entered into the IBS Awards, I was really just trying to create something entertaining and different,” Mozingo said. “I had no idea that it would be entered into any type of competition, let alone end up as a finalist, or even a winner. It’s not only something that I am personally very proud of, but hearing everyone else’s excitmozingokass.jpgement, support and KCOD pride was amazing. I hope that the recognition helps KCOD thrive and grow in the semesters to come, because, if it weren’t for KCOD, I would not have had the opportunity to pursue my dream of working in radio.  Textbooks and lectures are great, but being able to sit in front of the microphone on KCOD and then winning this award was a priceless experience that I will never forget."

Pictured right:  Fiz Kaas, IBS and KCOD's Mike Mozingo

KCOD 1620 FM is located on the dial at 100.1. The stations broadcast range is limited to the college campus otherwise the student-run station would need FCC licensing. KCOD can be heard worldwide, 24/7, 365 days of the year online at, iTunes and through the mobile phone app, TuneIn Radio.  


March 2013

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