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Audition for COD Production


'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' auditions are Jan. 29-31, 2013.


Robin Cotton

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Announcing Auditions for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

by Dale Wasserman Adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey

Auditions: January 29, 30, and 31, 2013, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. in Theatre Too.

Audition Guidelines: ALL ROLES ARE AVAILABLE Those wishing to audition must prepare a (:90 second) dramatic monologue, be prepared to read from selected scenes found within the script, and take part in improvisational exercises.


Randle P. McMurphy – A hard man of 35, fun-loving and full of self-confidence.  His broad, devilish grin, loud talk and swagger all remind one of a car salesman or a pitchman you might see on a sideshow stage.

Nurse Ratched – The ward superintendent and ultimate authority. A handsome woman in her late forties/early fifties with an odd perfection about her -- a face smooth, calculated, and precision-made, like an expensive baby doll.

Chief Bromden - A large, bull-muscled Native American with schizophrenia. While he is a powerful man of six and a half feet, he thinks of himself as small. Through most of the action he pretends to be deaf and dumb.

Billy Bibbit - In age, thirty-one, but psychologically an adolescent still under his mother’s control. Billy has an extreme speech impediment (stutter). 

Dale Harding – Age: 40 – 50, The most educated of the patients and their unofficial leader before McMurphy's arrival; a handsome, nervous effete man.
Charles Cheswick – Age: 30 – 40, A Patient, alternately truculent and cringing. Cheswick is always demanding change, but never has the courage to see anything through.
Anthony Martini – Age: 40, An eager and bright-eyed Italian who suffers from hallucinations.
Frank Sacanlon – Age: 45 – 50, A patient, obsessed with constructing bombs to blow up the world. Aside from McMurphy and Bromden, he is the only non-vegetative patient there by force.
Ruckley – Age: 40 – 50, A once powerful man, now blank-faced and empty-eyed, the result of a botched lobotomy. He spends most of the time crucified against a wall, occasionally screaming profanities.
Ellis – Age: 30 – 50, Once an "Acute" patient, now a "Chronic" in a vegetative state, the result of electroshock therapy.
Colonel Matterson – Age: 50 – 80, The oldest Chronic on the ward, a petrified cavalry soldier who cannot move without a wheelchair. He is given to lifting the skirts of passing nurses or teaching history out of the text of his left hand.
Jim Sefelt – Age: 40, An epileptic patient. He refuses to take his anti-seizure medication because he is afraid that his hair and teeth will fall out.
Bruce Fredrickson – Age: 40, An epileptic patient. He takes Sefelt's share of the medication because he is afraid of seizures.
Dr. Spivey – Age: 40, The resident psychiatrist, a harassed little fellow of no great force.
Nurse FlinnA young (early twenties) nurse, eager but also apprehensive of the patients.
Aide Williams – Male or Female, 35-40, African-American, principal orderly in the ward, full of enough hate to be capable of performing Nurse Ratched's bidding with precision.
Aide Warren – Male or Female, 35-40, African-American, principal orderly in the ward, full of enough hate to be capable of performing Nurse Ratched's bidding with precision
Aide Turkle – 50 – 7-, An elderly kind man who works the late shift in the ward. He enjoys his liquor and marijuana.
Technician Aide WashingtonA young female orderly in the ward.
Candy StarrA young beautiful carefree prostitute and friend of McMurphy.
Sandra Gilfillian - Another young prostitute and friend of McMurphy.
Rehearsal Dates: February 5 to April 6, 2013
                            Tuesdays & Thursdays (6 – 9:50 p.m.) 
                            Saturdays (10 a.m. – 4:05 p.m.)
Performance Dates: March 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24 (2013)
Performance Location: Pollock Theatre
Synopsis: A charming rogue, Randle P. McMurphy, (portrayed by the likes of Kirk Douglas on Broadway and Jack Nicholson in the film) contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than in a prison.  This production is the winner of the 2001 Outer Critics Circle Award and Tony for Outstanding Revival.  
·        “Scarifying and powerful." - N.Y. Times
·        "Brilliant. The stuff of great theatre." - WQR Radio
·        "One of the finest, most meaningful and most moving play of recent times." - WPIX TV.

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