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College of the Desert Marks Art Center Hosts
Juried Student Art Exhibition


College of the Desert is proud to announce the “Juried Student Art Exhibition” running Nov. 28 through Dec. 13 at the Marks Art Center. The installation features artwork from select College of the Desert student artists.

Student artists were selected by the Marks Art Center Advisory Committee jury panel and required to submit artwork in a similar format as other professional galleries.

“By going through the submittal process, students learned how to go about exhibiting their art in the professional art world,” said Anna-Marie Veloz, interim faculty director at the Marks Art Gallery. “We hope this helps them understand how to better market their work while giving them the confidence to branch out on their own.”  

The following students were selected to display artwork: Abel Venegas, Adam Denny, Alejandro Olmo, Alexis Carranza, Anamarina Avina, Ambriel Styve-Hector, Angel Prudencio, Ariel Suarez, Carl Schoemig, Chantel Jamail Consuelo Marquez, Courtney McLuckie, Daniel Acosta, Delilah Avena, Emmanuel Doublin, Evan Vellios, James Burns, John Guillen, Jonnathan Poblano, Jordan Castellanos, Jordan Klotz, Jorge Mendez, Jose Simo, Jose Verdejo, Justin Tecson, Kathryn Ormiston, Leeanna Rivas, Leah Woodfield, Lisa Patencio, Louis Lasarte, Marvin Garcia, Matt Hargreaves, Melissa Hasert, Noah Teran, Raquel Ralph, Ruby Gomez, Sarah Lecuyer, Steven Gutierrez, Timothy Burr, Yosselin Ramirez and Yudith Camarena.

The exhibition includes a variety of art forms including short films, two and three-dimensional works in a wide range of media and styles, including photography, printmaking, ceramics and installation art, along with paintings, drawings and other sculpture.

Some of the work will be for sale, with proceeds going directly to the students. “Perfect timing for those that still have some holiday shopping to do,” added Veloz.

An opening reception will be held 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018. Free and open to the public, the reception will also feature local band, Black Market Jazz. Light refreshments will also be served.