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Faculty Development
Please note the schedule is subject to change. Check your email for updates.
Spring 2013 Flex
The Importance of Latino Heritage

Keynote Speaker: Juan Felipe Herra,  named California's Poet Laureate in March 2012. Mr. Herra serves as theTomas Rivera Chair in Creative Writing at UC Riverside.  College of the Desert was honored to have Mr. Herra presention given during Spring Flex. Mr. Herra earned his bachelor's degree from UCLA and holds master's degrees from Stanford and Iowa. He has published numerous volumes of poetry, prose, theater, children's books, and young adult novels which have earned national recognition including PEN/Beyond Margins Award, and National Book Critics Circle Award. Mr. Herra's presentation focused on how students in the Coachella Valley can be engaged in learning by tapping into the Latino heritage of the region.

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Supplemental Instruction  

The following information regarding SI (Supplemental Instruction) was given during the
Title V Professional Development - Fall Flex 2012. An overview along with information regarding the
SI program is included 
The Department of Education Title V Cooperative Grant in partnership with the College Faculty Development Committee provide ongoing campus instructional workshops and guest speakers. Faculty members may also qualify to attend off-campus conferences and seminars with the support of both organizations. 
The fall and spring flex programs provide additional technology, instructional, and informational presentations that are coordinated by the FDC and the Cooperative Grant.  
For additional information regarding applications for conference and seminar attendance contact:
Lisa Soccio, Chairman, Faculty Development Committee, or
Lynda Scott, Secretary, Title V,