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Title V Cooperative Grant

Location: Liberal Arts 4

Contact: Lynda Scott

Telephone: 760-568-3148





Title V is a cooperative grant that links College of the Desert (COD) with California State University, San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus (PDC). COD is the grant recipient and along with PDC, is committed to improving student transfer rates, retention, and student success.

With a special focus on Hispanic, low income, and first generation college students, this program is made up of three major components:

  • Student Support Services
  • Faculty Development
  • External Support.

About Title V

Title V of the Higher Education Act (HEA) was created in 1998 to expand educational opportunities for Hispanic students in order to increase their postsecondary academic success through the expansion and enhancement of the academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability of the colleges and universities that educate the majority of Hispanic college students in the United States.
The research that led to the creation of Title V determined that Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) provide a significant proportion of postsecondary opportunities for Hispanic students even though they receive significantly less in State and local funding, per fulltime equivalent (FTE) student, than other institutions of higher education, thereby limiting their ability to expand and improve programs and institutional strength. Hispanic -Serving Institutions are defined as those with low education and general expenditures, and 25 percent or more FTE undergraduate Hispanic students of whom 50 percent or more are low-income.