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Survey of Student Engagement 

Overview from: http://www.ccsse.org web page

Community colleges have long distinguished themselves through their efforts to put students first and their emphasis on teaching and learning. Innovations in curriculum, teaching strategies, and support services for students are hallmarks of these institutions. Yet while community colleges often pioneer new strategies, they don't have sufficient access to tools that help them assess their initiatives and measure their progress toward key goals.
Today, community colleges are being asked to rise to new challenges. Across the country, community colleges must respond to the increasing expectations for quality, performance, and accountability set by governing boards, state and federal governments, accrediting organizations, and the public. Key among those expectations is that colleges should emphasize assessment and improvement of student retention and student learning.
To respond effectively to these challenges, community and technical colleges need assessment tools appropriate to their unique missions and the characteristics of their diverse student populations. The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) is meeting that need.
CCSSE’s survey instrument, The Community College Student Report, provides information on student engagement, a key indicator of learning and, therefore, of the quality of community colleges. The survey, administered to community college students, asks questions that assess institutional practices and student behaviors that are correlated highly with student learning and student retention. The Community College Student Report is a versatile, research-based tool appropriate for multiple uses. It is a
  • benchmarking instrument — establishing national norms on educational practice and performance by community and technical colleges
  • diagnostic tool — identifying areas in which a college can enhance students’ educational experiences
  • monitoring device — documenting and improving institutional effectiveness over time.
College of the Desert participated in the CCSSE survey in Spring 2008 and Spring 2010. The results and available documentation for both surveys can be reviewed in the document libraries below.

 Spring 2012 Results

2012 CCSSE - College of the Desert Key Findings.pdf
2012 CCSSE Codebook - Main Survey.pdf
2012 CCSSE Codebook - Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (6-20).pdf
2012 CCSSE Comparison Groups.pdf
2012 CCSSE Questions - Main Survey.pdf
2012 CCSSE Questions - Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (6-20).pdf
Benchmark Scores Report - All Students.pdf
Benchmark Scores Report - Breakout by Enrollment Status).pdf
Benchmarks (How Benchmarks are Calculated).pdf
Frequency Distributions - All Students.pdf
Frequency Distributions - Breakout by Enrollment Status.pdf
Means Report - All Students.pdf
Means Report - Breakout by Enrollment Status.pdf
Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (1-5) - All Students.pdf
Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (1-5) - Breakout by Enrollment Status.pdf
Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (6-20) - All Students.pdf
Special-Focus Items - Promising Practices (6-20) - Breakout by Enrollment Status.pdf
Table 1 - Respondents to Underlying Population Comparisons.pdf
Table 2 - Percent of Target.pdf
Table 3 - Respondents and the Underlying Population Comparisons by College Size.pdf
Table 5 - Underlying Population Percentages by Age.pdf
Table 6 - Survey Completion Rates.pdf

 Spring 2010 Results

2010 CCSSE a Summary of Results College of the Desert.pdf
2010 CCSSE Codebook.pdf
2010 CCSSE Executive Summary.pdf
2010 CCSSE Overview.pdf
2010 Frequency Distribution - All Students.pdf
Benchmark Breakouts - Developmental and Not Developmental.pdf
Benchmark Breakouts - First-Generation and Not First-Generation Students.pdf
Benchmark Breakouts - Gender.pdf
Benchmark Breakouts - Race-Ethnicity.pdf
Benchmark Breakouts - Traditional and Non-Traditional Age Students.pdf
Benchmark Summary Report - Enrollment Status.pdf
CCSSE Special-Focus Items.pdf
CCSSE Validation Summary - Student Engagement and Outcomes.pdf
Decile Reports - Breakouts.pdf
Hispanic Student Success Consortium Reports - All Students.pdf
Hispanic Student Success Consortium Reports - Enrollment Status.pdf
Hispanic Student Success Custom Survey Items Codebook.pdf
Hispanic Student Success Custom Survey Items.pdf
Table 1 - Respondents to Underlying Populations.pdf
The National Report CCSSE 2010, The Heart of Student Success.pdf

 Spring 2008 Results

2008 CCSSE a Summary of Results College of the Desert.pdf
2008 CCSSE Executive Summary.pdf
2008 CCSSE Findings College of the Desert - Work and Study Time.pdf
2008 CCSSE National Report, High Expectations and High Support.pdf