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Below is a listing of the different add-on components College of the Desert uses in addition to our Student Management System (Colleague).
ParScore Logo ParScore is a comprehensive, easy-to-use test scoring software solution. It features an electronic gradebook, subtesting capability, user-defined mastery reports, and district-wide test score management. Teachers can score up to 26 versions of tests with up to 200 questions each and evaluate up to 26 responses per item. With ParScore, teachers can easily create a gradebook and reporting folder that includes attendance tracking for each student. It is a perfect tool to monitor individual student growth and understanding of course material.

CI Track
CI Track Logo A powerful web-enable attendance software program which allows you to track a person's name, ID number, time in and time out, and multiple categories all with the scan of a card! This allows Datatel to capture the Positive Attendence information for sections.

Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Logo Helps provide users with remote access to Web-based licensed content offered by libraries. It is middleware that authenticates library users against local authentication systems and provides remote access to licensed content based on the user's authorization.

Riverside Library Upload
Library System Services Logo College of the Desert provide the riverside library with a file of our current students so they will be able to make their circulation desk available to the students. This upload occurs up to four times prior to and including census on a by request fashion.

nelnet Logo To help you meet student education expenses, College of the Desert is pleased to offer Nelnet Business Solutions as a convenient budget plan. It is not a loan; therefore, students have no debt, no interest or finance charges are assessed, and there is no credit check.
Canvas Learning Management System

Student information is uploaded daily at 6am,12pm and 6pm so that classes will have the current enrollment information. Students adding a class should wait until the next business day before trying to log into their online course.
Parking Plus
Credentials Solutions ParkingPlus Logo Automates the permit application, payment, production, mailing and/or dispensing of parking permits
Transcript Plus
Link to Credentials Solutions TranscriptsPlus Logo A fully automated online transcript ordering service that is tailored to fit each institution's unique policies and procedures including service options, pricing and school colors and logo
Link to Credentials Solutions RoboRegistrar Logo A Java-based application designed to work in concert with TranscriptsPlus® to automate transcript processing and production.
academicworks Logo AcademicWorks is the leading provider of scholarship management solutions for colleges, universities, and foundations. AcademicWorks combines a unique blend of market experience, product innovation, outstanding customer service, and cloud-based software delivery to off our customers benefits that are unmatched in the industry.

Bubblesoft (Teacher Evaluation Program)
Survey Systems Logo The Bubble Publishing Suite is a set of tools for designing, printing and scanning professional quality, OMR (optical mark read) surveys. Form Shop is used for layout and printing. Scan Shop is used to scan the printed surveys on the RDMS Data Center's OpScan 4xp scanner. The scanned data is saved and then exported in a variety of common formats for subsequent analysis by statistical or spreadsheet software. Report Shop provides some basic summary statistics and graphical displays.

SARS Anywhere
SARS Logo An easy-to-use appointment scheduling software package for student service offices. It has a colorful, intuitive row and column structure for easy viewing and updating. It also has a walk-in component to register and track unscheduled visits and is web-enabled for students to manage their own appointments and for advisors to work with their own schedules off-site. Users include advisors, counselors, schedulers, students and administrators. Perfect for multiple users in both centralized locations and multiple de-centralized locations and departments. Each department can create its own unique scheduling criteria.

CCCApply Logo CCCApply.org is your online gateway to the California Community Colleges. Each year at our 112 colleges, nearly three million students from all over the world build their career skills, prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, or simply enrich their lives through learning.

@mycod.us email
College of the Desert Logo Microsoft provides your students, and everybody else on campus, with student email and calendaring, 25 GB of online storage and a place to share and edit their Microsoft Office documents online. Best of all, hosting university email on Microsoft's servers can reduce traffic on yours, helping save on maintenance, effort, and cost, and get more of what you want – time to do other things.

Innovative Payment Solutions Logo
A customer authorization allowing the bank to pay specific checks. Upon issuing checks, the bank customer provides the bank with the issued check information. If an attempt is made to cash a check, the bank will not pay if the check information does not match the information provided by the customer.
Positive Pay has proven to be the most effective weapon against check fraud to date - preventing multiple major incidences of fraud against a single bank account.
To make the process as efficient as possible, the bank normally requires a computer text file in a very specific format. And SecurePay is the software that can generate the data file in accordance with the bank's specifications.

California Government Office's Logo Known as the Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP), has been particularly useful in collecting on debts for which collection has proven to be difficult. Collection is accomplished by having the State Franchise Tax Board offset (deduct) from student debtors any state tax refunds and/or lottery winnings they would be receiving and forwarding those funds to the college districts they owe.

CalGrants Logo Funded by the State of California and administered by the California Student Aid Commission, CAL Grants are one of the Smartest ways to get cash for college. Our Financial Aid department works with students to provide the required info to this program.

Entrinsik (Informer)
Entrinsik Logo Informer Web Reporting software extends self-service operational reporting and analysis capabilities to end-users across your organization to perform real-time analysis of SQL and MultiValue data anytime, anywhere without the need to set up a separate data warehouse or complicated cube.