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BSI Strategic Goal and Objectives  

BSI Strategic Goal:  Ensure that basic skills development is a major focus and an adequately funded activity of College of the Desert.  (For details, click on each objective.)
OBJECTIVE  #1.   In fall 2009, A BSI Task Force for Research and Academic Improvement will develop a research agenda for this project.
OBJECTIVE # 2.  In fall 2009, a BSI Professional Development Task Force, working with the Faculty Development Committee of the Academic Senate will develop a plan for continuous professional development services designed to expand understanding of basic skills students and to support faculty initiatives to improve teaching and learning in the classroom and support services outside the classroom.

OBJECTIVE # 3.  In fall 2009, a BSI task force will develop Program SLOs for basic skills that will be used to study student performance across the curriculum.

OBJECTIVE # 4.   In spring 2010, the BSI Research Task Force, working with the COD Office of Institutional Research (OIR), will begin implementing the BSI research agenda defined in Objective #1.

OBJECTIVE # 5.   By fall 2010, faculty, staff and administrators will share an understanding of COD’s basic skills students and develop Basic Skills Learning Standards (BSLS) appropriate to them.

OBJECTIVE # 6.  By fall 2012, COD will have implemented academic programs and student and support services appropriate to COD’s basic skills students and to identified BSLS.

OBJECTIVE # 7.   By fall 2015, basic skills students at COD will show, on average, a 10% improvement as compared with baseline data in the “Baseline Measures for Developmental Education,” as described in Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges.