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BSI Objective# 7.  

By fall 2015, basic skills students at COD will show, on average, a 10% improvement as compared with baseline data in the “Baseline Measures for Developmental Education,” as described in Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges (Copy attached.)
  1. Longitudinal studies starting from the baseline date (see Objective #1) will be implemented as a means of tracking the effectiveness of BSI and other programs.
  2. Who:    OIR and the BSI Task Force on Assessment.

    When:  Starting May 2010 and on-going

  3. Institutional Basic Skills SLOACs will be completed annually as a means of improving academic programs and student support services to basic skills students.
  4. Who:    Faculty associated with these programs and services with support from the BSI Committee.

    When:  Every year. 

  5. Planned and resource allocation will be determined by longitudinal students and SLOAC reports.
  6. Who:    College Planning Council

    When:  Every year.

  7. Evaluation: Longitudinal data will be assessed in relation to base line data.

Who:    BSI Committee/Academic Senate/CPC

When:  Fall 2015