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BSI Objective #5.  

By fall 2010, faculty, staff and administrators will share an understanding of COD’s basic skills students and develop  Basic Skills Learning Standards (BSLS) appropriate to them.
  1. Using baseline data collected as a result of Objective #4, characteristics of COD basic skills students will be developed into a series of “portraits” describing a range student types.
  2. Who:    BSI Task Force on Assessment and Academic Improvement

    When:  Fall 2010 

  3. These portraits of basic skills students and the associated data will be made available to the college through the BSI Web Page and other venues.
  4. Who:    BSI Chairs

    When:  Fall Flex 2010

  5. A series of presentations to faculty, staff, administrators, and the Board or Trustees will be made.
  6. Who:    Members of the BSI Committee

    When:  Throughout Fall 2010

  7. BSLS will be developed.
  8. Who:    Teaching faculty from across the disciplines, as coordinated by the BSI Committee

    When:  December 2010

  9. Evaluation: A combination of surveys and focus groups will be used to assess how broadly the “Portraits” and Basic Skills Learning Standards are know.
  10. Who:    The BSI Chairs

    When:  December 2010, with follow ups over the next two semesters.       

  11. Evaluation: BSLS will be approved and broadly distributed.
    1. Who:    The Curriculum Committee (??) and the Academic Senate.

      When:  Spring 2011.