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CurricUNET Access is Ending May 31st

College of the Desert will be moving from CurricUNET to CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM).

Access to CurricUNET is coming to a close and soon it will be gone.

Important information about the transition:

  1. CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) will not be up and running until Fall 2018, at which time we will have training sessions for everyone.

  2. Any courses and programs you currently have in CurricUNET that are ACTIVE and APPROVED through May 2018 will be backed up by staff and will be entered into CIM over the summer.

    Any courses and programs you currently have in CurricUNET, regardless of where they are in the process, that are not approved by the Curriculum Committee will be shredded upon June 1st.

  3. It is imperative that you back up your work on your own computers or whatever cloud storage you use, and that you print paper copies of anything that you want to save that has not been approved by our May 1st meeting.

    If you are unsure of the status of your work, you can log into CurricUNET, click on “track my proposals” for anything you have submitted and then check the status.

    If you do not see your proposal there, but believe you had submitted it, you should check with your curriculum rep for the status.

  4. If you are working on a proposal that you did not submit, you must back it up or your work will be lost.

  5. As a best practice, we are recommending that you create a folder and save your active programs and courses, just for good measure.