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Accessibility Resources

Wondering Who to Contact? 

Please refer to Questions About Accessibility at COD (opens PDF). 


Maintaining Accessibility to Information Technology (opens PDF)
2017 Guide for California Community Colleges explaining accessibility
Online Education Initiative - Course Design Rubric (opens PDF)
The online course design standards developed and adopted by the Online Education Initiative
WCAG 2.0 AA Standard
The current standard for website accessibility
CCCTech Center Keyboard Accessibility Commands
List of keyboard commands for navigation without a mouse
No Mouse Challenge
A global effort to raise awareness about accessible web design
VPAT and ACR Requirements for Vendors (opens PDF)
Describes the sections of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template and Accessibility Conformance Report information required for information and communication technology purchase orders
ICT Section 508 Compliance Review and EEAAP Template (opens PDF)
This form is used to document the review of information communication and technology products and describe any alternate access plan if needed


Creating Accessible Microsoft Word Documents (opens PDF)
Step by step instructions for Word 2016 and 2019 (Windows)
Creating Accessible Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Presentations (opens Word)
Step by step instructions for PowerPoint 2016
Creating Accessible Electronic Content (opens Word)
Step by step instructions for creating online accessible content
Alternative Text Descriptions and Complex Images
Tutorial from the Web Accessibility Initiative including an Alt Text Description Decision Tree
PDF Techniques for Accessibility
Techiques and examples to make PDF documents and forms accessible using Adobe Acrobat and other tools
Fixing Inaccessible PDFs Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Guide from the University of Washington
Accessible Tables
Tutorial from the Web Accessibility Initiative
Complex Images for All Learners - Portland Community College
Detailed resource for creating accessible charts, graphs, and images
Identifying Web Accessibility Issues (opens Word)
Step by step instructions for using the WAVE accessibility evaluator


Accessible Templates
@ONE Course Catalog
Free and low cost courses, including Accessibility Essentials courses, with optional continuing education credit
CCC Accessibility Center
Provides trainings and step by step guides
Vision Resource Center (
Create a free account to search for video based trainings, including accessibility related topics such as
  • Creating Accessible Documents with Microsoft Office

  • Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs

  • Advanced Accessible PDFs

  • Captioning Videos with YouTube

  • Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning


Accessible Name and Description Inspector
ANDI is a free tool to test web content for accessibility provided by the U.S. Social Security Administration
Colour Contrast Analyser
Tool to help determine the legibility of text and contrast of visual elements
WebAIM WAVE Evaluation Tool
Single Page accessibility evaluation tool
Web Color Contrast Checker
A site where you can enter the HEX color codes you are using to determine if they will be accessible
RGB to HEX converter
A tool to convert the standard Red, Green and Blue color code into a HEX value used by contrast checkers
Web Developer
An extension for the Chrome or FireFox browsers to help check website accessibility
SiteImprove Browser Extensions
Check website accessibility in the Chrome or FireFox browsers
Screen Reader Demonstration
Video showing how screen reading software works

Google Chrome Extensions

Tool for evaluating web accessibility in Chrome
WAVE Evaluation Tool
Evaluate web accessibility within the Chrome browser
Tenon Check
Checks current web page with the Tenon accessibility testing tool
Tool for testing color contrast in the Chrome browser
HTML5 Outliner
Generates a navigable page outline with heading and sectioning elements


CCC Accessibility Center Helpdesk
Ask your accessibility questions here
CCC Document Accessibility Services
Vendor contracting with the CCC Accessibility Center to make documents accessible
3C Media
Upload videos here to get free captions for instructional videos through the DECT grant
Free video conference software that supports closed captioning and automatic transcripts