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College Planning Council


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Weight Training 1.doc
Visual Arts Program Facilities.doc
Visual Arts Computer Lab.doc
Toolboxes, workbenches, tools.doc
Systems Administrator.doc
Students With Learning Disabilities.doc
Student ServicesEnrollment Services Systems Specialist Analyst.doc
Student and Employee Card IdentificationIntegration.doc
Specialty tools and equipment AC equipment specialty service equipment and tools advanced diagnostic equipment.doc
Social Sciences and Arts (number to be determined) Anthropology Symposium.doc
Skills Lab Overflow.doc
Security  Email Virus  SPAM appliance.doc
Secretary  Program Review, Curriculum, and Accreditation .doc
Science 1 – Laboratory Manager (Science).doc
PsychologyHSAD 1 – Professional and program development.doc
Provide students with access to computer-assisted learning in English and ESL courses.doc
Provide more efficient assistance, guidance, and support to students, faculty, and staff.doc
Provide increased counseling and advising services to COD students.doc
Provide increased counseling and advising services to COD students at the Eastern Valley Center.doc
Program Level Outcomes and Assessment Workshop.doc
Positive Attendance Module.doc
Physical Science 1.doc
Paramedic Program.doc
Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator.doc
Nursing Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator.doc
Mathematics Teaching Classrooms.doc
Mathematics Faculty Position.doc
Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA).doc
Math 54 and 40 Lab.doc
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