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Assessment of Planning & Outcomes

2019-20 Membership

Annebelle Nery (Co-chair)
Vice President, Instruction
Leadership Representative
Ed Reed (Co-chair)
Professor, Speech
Chair, Outcomes & Assessments Committee
Cathy Levitt
Adjunct Faculty, Economics
Faculty Representative
Daniel Martinez
Director, Institutional Research
Leadership Representative
Diliana Peregrina-Kretz
Director, TRIO Educational Talent Search
Leadership Representative
Edward Mahoney
Adjunct Faculty, English
Faculty Representative

Lauro Jimenez
Programmer, Information Techology Services
Classified Representative
Maria Cuautle
Student Representative
Vacant - To Be Appointed
Faculty Representative (1)
Leadership Representative (1)



Assess the performance of the college in relation to the goals and objectives specified in its strategic and operational plans. 
  • Lead the effort in the evaluation and modification of the Strategic Master Plan
  • Evaluate the planning and institutional effectiveness process and make recommendations regarding modifications to the process as needed

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