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Academic Senate


The Academic Senate is the official voice of the Faculty on educational and professional matters.



2018_0913 AFS Agenda.pdf
2018_0927 AFS Agenda.pdf
2018_1011 AFS Agenda.pdf
2018_1025 AFS Agenda.pdf
2018_1108 AFS Agenda.pdf
2018_1129 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0214 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0228 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0314 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0328 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0411 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0425 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0509 AFS Agenda amended 0508.pdf
2019_0523 AFS Agenda.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_0910.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_0924.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_1008.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_1022.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_1112.pdf
AFS Agenda 2015_1210.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0225.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0310.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0331.docx
AFS Agenda 2016_0414.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0428.docx
AFS Agenda 2016_0512.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0823.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0908.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_0922.pdf
AFS Agenda 2016_1013.pdf
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 Public Documents

Academic_Senate_Constitution_and_ByLaws_2017 April.pdf