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Academic Senate

Purpose The Academic Senate is the official voice of the Faculty on educational and professional matters.
The Senate shall be responsible to and responsive of the faculty at all times and Representatives shall act in accordance with their constituents after suitable discussion has been carried out. 
The Senate and any of its committees may act with the full authority of the faculty only on those matters upon which the Senate as a whole, has taken a position through the form of motions or resolutions in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
Actions of the Senate shall be effective immediately upon passage unless otherwise stated in the motion
Collegial Consultation “10 + 1”
Title 5 Section 53200 (b): Academic Senate means an organization whose primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters.   Section 53200 (c): “Academic and professional matters” means the following policy development and implementation matters.
The Board of Trustees and the Academic Senate have agreed that academic and professional matters 1 through 9 are to be handled as rely primarily upon and matters 10 & 11 as mutually agreed upon:
1.    Curriculum including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
2.    Degree and certificate requirements
3.    Grading policies
4.    Educational program development
5.    Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
6.    District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles
7.    Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study  and annual reports
8.    Policies for faculty professional development activities
9.    Processes for program review
10.  Processes for institutional planning and budget development
11.  Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the governing board and  the academic senate.


Folder: All Faculty Senate Agenda Archive
2019_0912 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_0926 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_1010 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_1024 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_1114 AFS Agenda.pdf
2019_1212 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0213 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0227 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0312 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0326 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0423 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0514 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0910 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_0924 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_1008 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_1022 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_1112 AFS Agenda.pdf
2020_1210 AFS Agenda.pdf
2021_0211 AFS Agenda.pdf
2021_0225 AFS  Agenda.pdf
2021_0311 AFS Agenda.pdf
2021_0325 AFS Agenda.pdf
2021_0422 AFS Agenda.pdf

 Public Documents

Academic_Senate_Constitution_and_ByLaws_2017 April.pdf