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Education Master Plan 2017-2022

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​Task Force Purpose Statement

The Purpose of the EMP Taskforce is to serve as a working group for development of the College of the Desert 2017-21 Educational Master Plan (EMP).  The EMP Task Force will:

  • Ensure representation of all areas of the College in developing the EMP
  • Work in collaboration with the CBT Consultant Team, providing input and feedback throughout the process of the plan’s development
  • Support alignment of the EMP with the College's Mission, Vision, and Strategic Master Plan
  • Keep students, student success, and service to the COD region at the center of discussion during EMP development
  • Strive for improved College effectiveness by strengthening program review processes and data templates for short and long-term decision making
  • Focus effort toward continuous improvement of COD’s integrated planning processes, and the development of a COD Integrated Planning Model
  • Exemplify quality employee engagement, advocate for additional internal stakeholder engagement, and serve as a communication body to the rest of the internal COD community

EMP Task Force

Pamela Ralston
VP Student Learning
Task Force Chair

Mary Lou Marrujo
Executive Administrative Assistant

Christen Smith
Academic Senate President

Donna Greene
Curriculum Committee Chair

Courtney Doussett
Outcomes & Assessment Chair

Douglas Redman
School of Applied Sciences Chair

Robert Pellenbarg
Adjunct Senate Representative

Kim Dozier
Distance Education Coordinator

Sara Butler
Educational Tech Committee Chair

Nancy Moll
Ed Policies Committee Chair

Amanda Phillips
Interim Dean of Counseling

Kelly Hall
Interim Dean of Social Sciences and Arts

Dean Papas
Dean of Communication & Humanities

Daniel Martinez
Director of Institutional Research

Annebelle Nery
VP of Student Success

Elise King
Counselor, General Counseling

Luis Castellanos
ASCOD President, Student Representative

Brief Description of Project:

With the passage of College of the Desert's recent 577 million-dollar bond, the next five years will be some of the most exciting in COD’s history as we re-envision our current classrooms and sites and plan the future programs that will lead us into the next decade and beyond. The College’s current Educational Master Plan was developed in 2010. In 2015-16, College of the Desert completed the College of the Desert Strategic Master Plan 2016 – 2021, and the College is in the process of conducting its self-ev aluati on for reaffirmation of accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Community a nd Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  The timing for updating the Educational Master Plan, in alignment with these two efforts, will provide direction for the College over the next several years as it continues to serve students and the communities of the growing Coachella Valley.

​Three broad goals provide the direction and framework for the project:

  1. Refine and update the Educational Master Plan.
  2. Develop an Integrated Planning Model.
  3. Establish common data templates for instructional and instructional support areas to serve as evaluative instruments for College faculty and staff to establish long-term goals for program direction / redirection in support of student success.

Project Phases and Timeline

The project and its three goal areas will progress through Pre-planning and three phases:  A Discovery Phase; Planning Phase; and Document Production, Review, and Finalization Phase.


Dec 2016
Jan 2017




Jan - Feb


Feb - Mar

Plan Development


Apr - Jun

Document Production, Review & Finalization

​Approach and Activities

The CBT team will work with the EMP Task Force, collect extensive internal and external quantitative and qualitative data, and work within the culture of College of the Desert.  Throughout the project, drafts of the Educational Master Plan, Integrated Planning Model, and Data Templates will be shared to provide the EMP Task Force and their colleagues the opportunity to review and offer feedback.  When the final drafts are released, most of the material will have already been reviewed.

​Project Deliverables

Goal 1:  Educational Master Plan
Goal 2:  Integrated Planning Model
Goal 3:  Data Templates (Instructional & Support Services); Decision matrix

Final Report and Recommendations