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Articulation (HIGH SCHOOL)

What is Articulation (High School)

Articulation is a specific class or classes taken by a student in a high school or ROP program where the student gets credit for the class at College of the Desert.

What are the Benefits of Articulation

  • Students get a jump-start by earning college credit while in a secondary and/or ROP program.
  • Students do not repeat coursework.
  • Students will be able to start careers earlier.
  • Students get basic skills and knowledge prior to college.
  • Ultimately, students decrease the cost of college tuition and textbook fee
An Articulation Update: In the past, College of the Desert allowed Articulation with local area High Schools and ROPs under agreements known as "2+2". If the High School and college faculty determined that 2 courses were comparable (based on course outlines) then students received college credit for this work. Changes in California Educational Code (*) have now set a much higher standard for granting college credit for high school work, with key points of the new policy being
  • Credit for High School/ROP work can only be earned through the College’s Credit By Examination Policy
  • Articulation agreements must be periodically reviewed to ensure continued comparability of both the outline and the final exam.

What does Credit By Examination or CBE mean?

Through the Credit by Examination process, high school students may receive credit at the college level for some articulated courses. Credit by Examination means that a student has satisfactorily passed an exam approved or conducted by College of the Desert faculty. The College faculty members who normally teach the college course must determine the nature and content of the exam. Such credit may be granted only to a student who is registered at the college and in good standing, and only for a course listed in the College of the Desert catalog. Students may individually approach a College of the Desert instructor and petition to take an exam for a particular course. Any student applying for Credit By Examination will be expected to provide documentation of extensive experiences preparing the student in the subject matter. Additionally, in some instances, a high school instructor can obtain approval from the college discipline faculty to give a final exam at the high school level that meets Credit by Examination criteria.
*California Code of Regulations: Subchapter 9 of Chapter 6 of Division 6 of Title 5-Section 55753.5)


 Articulation Agreements

Articulation Credit at College of the Desert.pdf
Master Articulation List 2011-2012.pdf
Master Articulation List 2014-2017.pdf
Master Articulation List 2017-2020.pdf