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Board Agendas

The live stream capabilities for upcoming Board of Trustees meetings may be intermittent. 

Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20 for a statewide “Shelter-in-Place” order.

Public comments will be still be accepted. Please email

Pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order N-25-20, the Desert Community College District Board of Trustees may participate via teleconference.
Public Participation:
In accordance with Executive Order N-25-20 and guidance from the California Department of Public Health on gatherings, remote public participation is allowed and will be accepted by email to during the meeting, prior to the close of public comment on an item, and read into the record during public comment.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order (N-29-20), which, in part, supersedes Paragraph 11 of Executive Order (N-25-20) issued on Thursday, March 19, 2020. The new Executive Order excuses a legislative body, under the Ralph M. Brown Act, from providing a physical location for the public to observe and comment if certain conditions are met.  

Current Agendas​

Our current agendas, from July 2018 to present are hosted on BoardDocs.

Visit BoardDocs to view these agendas.​

Archived Agendas​

​For agendas prior to July 2018, please find them via the links below.

You can use the filters under the column headers to filter down to the documents you would like to peruse.

Agenda 1-19-18.pdfAgenda 1-19-182018 DCCD Board Agendas01-JanuaryJanuary 19, 2018Agenda
Agenda 2-09-18.pdfAgenda 2-09-182018 DCCD Board Agendas02-FebruaryFebruary 9, 2018Agenda
Agenda 3-16-18.pdfAgenda 3-16-182018 DCCD Board Agendas03-MarchMarch 16, 2018Agenda
Agenda 4-20-18.pdfAgenda 4-20-182018 DCCD Board Agendas04-AprilApril 20, 2018Agenda
Agenda 5-18-18.pdfAgenda 5-18-182018 DCCD Board Agendas05-MayMay 18, 2018Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 5-30-18.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 5-30-182018 DCCD Board Agendas05-MayMay 30, 2017Agenda
Agenda 6-14-18.pdfAgenda 6-14-182018 DCCD Board Agendas06-JuneJune 14, 2018Agenda
Agenda 1-19-2017.pdfAgenda 1-19-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas01-JanuaryJanuary 19, 2017Agenda
Agenda 2-10-2017.pdfAgenda 2-10-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas02-FebruaryFebruary 10, 2017Agenda
Agenda 3-17-2017.pdfAgenda 3-17-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas03-MarchMarch 17, 2017Agenda
Agenda 4-21-2017.pdfAgenda 4-21-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas04-AprilApril 21, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 4-28-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 4-28-172017 DCCD Board Agendas04-AprilApril 28, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 5-12-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 5-12-172017 DCCD Board Agendas05-MayMay 12, 2017Agenda
Agenda 5-19-2017.pdfAgenda 5-19-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas05-MayMay 19, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 5-25-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 5-25-172017 DCCD Board Agendas05-MayMay 25, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda  6-2-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 6-2-172017 DCCD Board Agendas06-JuneJune 2, 2017Agenda
Agenda 6-15-2017.pdfAgenda 6-15-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas06-JuneJune 15, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 6-13-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 6-13-172017 DCCD Board Agendas06-JuneJune 13, 2017Agenda
Special Board Meeting Agenda 6-15-17.pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 6-15-172017 DCCD Board Agendas06-JuneJune 15, 2017Agenda
Agenda 7-20-2017.pdfAgenda 7-20-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas07-JulyJuly 20, 2017Agenda
Agenda 8-18-2017.pdfAgenda 8-18-20172017 DCCD Board Agendas08-AugustAugust 18, 2017Agenda
Agenda 9-15-17.pdfAgenda 9-15-172017 DCCD Board Agendas09-SeptemberSeptember 15, 2017Agenda
Agenda10-20-17.pdfAgenda10-20-172017 DCCD Board Agendas10-OctoberOctober 20, 2017Agenda
Agenda 11-15-17.pdfAgenda 11-15-172017 DCCD Board Agendas11-NovemberNovember 15, 2017Agenda
Agenda 12-15-17.pdfAgenda 12-15-172017 DCCD Board Agendas12-DecemberDecember 15, 2017Agenda
Agenda 1-15-16.pdfAgenda 1-15-162016 DCCD Board Agendas01-JanuaryJanuary 15, 2016Agenda
Agenda 02-10-16.pdfAgenda 02-10-162016 DCCD Board Agendas02-FebruaryFebruary 10, 2016Agenda
Special Agenda 02-10-16.pdfSpecial Agenda 02-10-162016 DCCD Board Agendas02-FebruaryFebruary 10, 2016Agenda
Agenda 03-18-16.pdfAgenda 03-18-162016 DCCD Board Agendas03-MarchMarch 18, 2016Agenda
Agenda 04-15-16.pdfAgenda 04-15-162016 DCCD Board Agendas04-AprilApril 15, 2016Agenda
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